Mach Router showoff v3

  Mach Router Summary

Mach Router V2 v79

This is my Rock-Solid CNC router design.

Equipped with a 1.5KW spindle, working area: x300 Y360, Z120

Can machine all kind of materials: wood, plexiglass, PCB, FR4, fiberglass, plastics, carbon fiber, aluminum, copper, bronze, iron and many more similar materials.

Not recommended for stone, ceramics, abrasive minerals!

  Short Design description

All the parts where machined from precision cast aluminum plates.

Worktable with T groves: ISEL PT25 - 375x500x20mm.

Y axis uses two parallel HGW25HC linear rails (500mm length), one carriage each side.

X axis uses two parallel HGH15CA linear rails (445mm length), two carriages on each rail.

Z axis uses two parallel HGH15CA linear rails (250mm length), two carriages on each rail.


X and Y gantries are moved using machine ended SFU1605 ball screw sets with 500mm length.

Z gantry is moved using machine ended SFU1605 ball screw set with 250mm length.


Motors 3x Nema23 with 30Kg-cm holding torque.

1.5KW brushless spindle motor with frequency inverter. 

 Design and work gallery

  MPG controller

MPG Controller v27

DIY MPG design for my CNC router machine.

This gadget basically allows the manual movement control of your CNC machine.

User can select on axis out of  X, Y, Z, and A and jog wheel sensitivity between 1, 10 and 100 micrometers / wheel step.

To build this you need the following:

  - 60mm MPG wheel;

  - 2 x configurable rotary switches, one configured to 3 positions (x1, x10, x100) and second to 6 (OFF, X, Y, Z, A, OFF);

  - 1 x 16mm Emergency button.

  - 9 x 5mm LED plus 8mm LED sockets.

  Motion Control module

CNC Controller Electronics v744

This is the custom-made four axis off line CNC motion controller.

It is based on DDCS v3.1 four axis motion controller. It controls the X Y and Z movement of the spindle. 

Additionally, a fourth axis A can be added for lathe type machining.

I use Wantai xxx  stepper motors driven by xxxx stepper driver module. But basically any good quality Nema 23 motor having a minimum of 30 kg of holding torque would be adequate with a driver capable of supplying minimum 4A RMS current.

The stepper driver modules are supplied from a 36V power supply. The motion controller needs a separate supply of 24V.