True stories and know how

The True Story of Smart Orbiter v3.0

Interested how I designed the Smart Orbiter v3.0? Than this story is for you!

Every project has its challenges, the way to success is not always easy or straight forward. A good project will not be done overnight, its just announced overnight. For me this design took about two years to fully complete. Most important is not to give up and do a small step every day.

Orbiter 3.22 Smart LDO Toolboard v1 v172
Extruders bechmark slow

A Benchmark of Extruders

One of the most important step of a development process is understanding the existing state of the art technology in the field of the product you want to develop. 

In the end nobody wants to reinvent the wheel again right?


Story of the Orbitron Heated Bed Design

This story is about the challenges I faced and things I learned during the design of the heated bed for the  Orbitron Core XY 3D printer. As usual nothing is straight forward even in the case of reuse proved design approach. I always recommend, double check everything, take no designs for granted and make your own experience! 

SM-A520F, Android 8.0.0
Orbiter v2 turning

The True Story of the Orbiter v2.0

The true story of the Orbiter v2.0

You can read about the challenges we faced during the development and all the technical details which shaped the extruder design.


How hot is too hot

Maximum allowed stepper stepper temperature? or how hot is too hot.

In this story you can read about the theoretical background which helps you to understand and give you the knowledge to chose correctly.

SM-A520F, Android 8.0.0

The true story of the Orbiter extruder

An exciting story about how the Orbiter extruder came to life and what inspired me to create-it.